Francesca and Emilio's Wedding Film at Stanlake Park

What you do and what is important in life for you?

We actually met on April 29th the day prince William and Kate got married. We both worked at Heathrow Airport as ground staff at the time and it was a work collegue who introduced me to Emilio during a lunch break. With both of us being shy it was our collegue who got us to exchange numbers. After our first date the next day, we just knew we were meant to be (very cheesy I know)

Tell us a bit a about the proposal?

We were in Skopelos (which was a birthday surprise) and on the 2nd evening of being in our villa Emilio called me out to the balcony. It was there he was down on one knee as the sun was setting with the ring. Shocked was an understatement as my initial reaction was "What are you doing? Are you joking?!" I mean he did wait 9 whole years to propos

e, so it was definately a surprise! :) but It soon sunk in whilst we were having a romantic dinner at a little restaurant by the sea.

Why did you choose to have a videographer:

We decided to have a videographer as we wanted to make sure we remembered all of the moments of our wedding for the rest of our lives. We will always be able to relive our wedding over and over again now and will cherish this for ever.

Why me in particular?:

We just loved your style and how you captured people in other videos and we really felt your style of videos suited not just us but our wedding venue. We felt you had a very chilled demeanour and knew you would be a perfect match for us in capturing our special day :)

What experience did you want to give your guests?:

We wanted them to enjoy the day (and the amazing wine) just as much as we did!

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